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We guarantee up to 5X return on your investment with us.

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Guarantee Terms & Conditions

We guarantee revenues up to 5 times the amount spent with Robo Retail. For example, if you spend $10,000 for Robo Retail services, you should expect at least $50,000 of revenue generated from our activities.

Our guarantee is based on an initial evaluation and assessment of your company’s current situation. We will look at your market, your products, market penetration, your current marketing, your retail experience, customer profile, and other aspects to determine the growth opportunity available to you. Once we have completed our assessment, we will provide a guarantee that is commensurate of the growth opportunity that has been identified

During our assessment, we will also identify the amount of time required to achieve the desired results. In order for us to guarantee our results, you must also agree to use our services for the required period of time. Upon the effective date of the guarantee, we will compare the revenue generated from our services against agreed upon baseline and if we fail to meet or exceed our target, we will refund up to 50% of our service fees based on the following guidelines:

100% or more of our target = No Refund
90% – 99% of our target = 10% Refund
70% – 89% of our target = 20% Refund
50% – 69% of our target = 30% Refund
50% or less of our target = 50% Refund

If other events occur or conditions change that are outside our control that negatively affect the brand or market, our guarantee is null and void. Refunds are only available on professional services provided directly by Robo Retail, no refunds will be provided for actual advertisement costs from 3rd party marketing platforms or licensing costs paid for 3rd party software providers.

5X gaurantee is based on our ability to track customers through the sales process. For eCommerce that will include up to purchase for non-eCommerce companies performance will be measured against value driving trackable events and compared against suitable benchmarks for improvement